About us


We are a daycare where children enjoy every moment and experience. Our environment is warm, safe and clean. Our locals are designed according to the needs and interests of each child.

Through games, recreational activities and workshops, our children experience varied and fun experiences and learning, which develops their creativity, sense of competition and their ability to take decisions, in addition to the personal resources they will need all throughout their lives.

Educational Project

Our educational project falls into two basic conceptions:educational games and affection.

  • Educational game: Brings the child into contact with the world in a fun, playful and organized way that activates thought and promotes learning, communication and integration as well as socialization.
  • Affection: allows the child to build a positive conception of himself, the world and others.

With this, we seek to form autonomous, solidary, tolerant and happy children !

Our educational approach is based on trust, solidarity, happiness, respect, fun, discipline, and above all a lot of love.

Our educators are competent, experienced and creative.


We offer a trilingual program integrated into the educational program where children have the opportunity to learn words, songs, games, and where they will listen to stories in French, English and Spanish.

Moreover, we offer an open air concept while respecting the needs of each child.

We serve locally cooked and nutritious hot meals and snacks. Our menu is prepared according to the Canada’s Food Guide.

The lunch and two snacks are offered by the daycare


Monday to Friday

6:30AM to 6:00PM